PHA Fall 2016: Letter from the Editors

Starting with a letter from our editors, The Public Health Advocate will begin publishing the articles from its Fall 2016 print issue here on its online platform! We hope you enjoy reading through our previous semester’s work while our staff begin researching, writing, and editing for Spring 2017!

Dear readers,

The study of public health, by nature, is a truly vast compilation of many studies, disciplines, professions, and passions that all converge with the goal of improving health for all.

It encompasses everything from preventive to curative care, from individual to population health, and includes medicine, law, economics, social work, and environmental studies. It aims to understand the social determinants to physical, mental and social well-being, and to promote the fundamental human right to good health.

We hope that the broad range of article topics in this semester’s issue can offer a small insight into the infinite study that the field provides and demonstrate the importance of the study of public health.

No matter your thoughts on the recent election’s outcome, protection of the health of the public will always be invaluable, and the next four years may be the most demanding we’ve seen yet. Indeed, we are the next generation of epidemiologists, hospital administrators, surgeons, and government leaders. We must use the diversity of our education to mobilize and create the progress we hope to see in our country.

We encourage you to use your own unique skill set, interests and passions – in whatever facet of public health – to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of local and global communities. In the next few years and beyond, maintaining and improving the study and implementation of public health depends on you.

Kaitlyn Rice and Mercedes Li
PHA Editors-in-Chief


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