Fall 2016

What’s Next? The Uncertain Future of Healthcare in America by Kaitlyn Rice and Mercedes Li
PHA Online Staff Feature
Immunity in the College Environment by Kristal Lam and Heather Zhang
Does Denmark Have a Better Healthcare System Than Us? by Arianna Maysonave
Interview with a CDC Epidemiologist by Vedaja Surapaneni
The Health of the Homeless by Simran Bajwa
Pass the Dressing! by Joy Suh
Colistin-Resistant Bacteria by Christine Lum
Life Course Theory by Jacob Demé
Letter from the Editorsby Kaitlyn Rice and Mercedes Li
An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine by Sophia (Si Jie) Ma
SNAP and Food Security by Amie Zhangada
Opinion: Addressing Voluntourism by Sofia Andrade
Sex Education on the College Campus by Jacob Demé
Health and Happiness: Can You Have Both? by Simran Bajwa
In the Aftermath of the Storm by Nikita Bhasin
Sustainable Development Goals in Berkeley by Noah Forougi
Healthy Gains, Happy Brains by Kristal Lam
Effects of DSRP Shutdown by Heather Zhang
Canada vs. America by Zoe So
The Mass Incarceration Problem by Aashna Mehta
American Political Party Divisions Contribute to Spread of Zika by Noah Forougi
Opinion: The Dataless Fight Back! by Cassidy Farrow
A Sweet Scandal by Si Jie (Sophie) Ma
How to Cope With Stress by Aashna Mehta
Food for Thought: The Environment and Nutrition by Nikita Bhasin
Editorial: In Light of the 2016 Presidential Election by Mercedes Li and Kaitlyn Rice
When Alcohol-Related Accidents Aren’t Just Accidents by Zoe So
Longer Waiting Lines by Simran Bajwa
Trigger Warning by Kristen Wehara
Best Babies Zone by Jacob Demé

Spring 2016

Increasing Zika Virus Outbreaks by Amy Chang
Tending to Our Thoughts by Carmel Malvar
Put Down Your Plastic Water Bottle by Nikki Sherry
Hungry for More” by Daniela Morales
Diabetes: Its Threat and Social Implications by Jacob Demé
Norovirus Outbreak at UC Berkeley” by Erica Munson
A Glimpse into the Real World of Global Health by Rachel Crowley
Water Quality and Public Health in Flint and the Bay Area by Erica Munson
Be Mindful: The Homeless Population and Mental Illness
Health and Education by Jacob Demé
Are you Sugar Savvy? by Rachel Crowley

Pre-Spring 2016

Living with Malaria
Monsanto Corporation: Roundup Pros and Cons
Interested in the Undergraduate Public Health Major at UC Berkeley?
PHA Print Publication: Spring 2013 Issue
PHA Print Publication: Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 Issues
Head and Brain Injuries Induce Early Onset of Death
Painkillers: Regulations and Recommendations
Taking the First Step with Walk With a Doc